How well do you know the big bang theory show .?

There are many fans to many shows but how many of you are big bang theory fans .? I chose the big bang theory quiz because they didnt have one and its a awesome show . Most of my questions are simple .

Are you a true fan .? This quiz will show you how much you really know about the big bang theory tv show and the cast . Most questions are about sheldon cooper . Good luck on This quiz have fun.

Created by: heather ritchie

  1. Sheldon Coopers bestfriends are .?
  2. Who is sheldons girlfriend in the show .?
  3. Why did sheldon try to leave on the train during an episode .?
  4. What word does sheldon say when he is being sarcastic.?
  5. What two women do NOT get along on the show .?
  6. What has sheldon cooper been working on at his work .?
  7. On the show sheldons mom told him " if your guess comes over upset what do you offer .?"
  8. On the fourth of july what does the whole cast celebrate on the show .?
  9. What was leonards moms reaction to him getting engaged to penny .?
  10. How did the elevator brake .?
  11. What is pennys job .?
  12. In one episode amy and sheldon find out how fast rumors spread in their group . As an experiment they made up what rumor to see how fast it would come back to them .?
  13. Who does howard live with .?
  14. On the lease agreement sheldon put they have monthly inspections. Whats leonards penalty if ge dont pass the cleaning inspections.?
  15. Did you like this Quiz .?
  16. Will you attempt to rate this quiz .?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know the big bang theory show .?