the big BANG theory quiz

the big bang theory is a great show many people watch it and many people love it. but there are very few people who now everything about the big bang theory.

Are YOU a big bang theory genius are you super smart like Sheldon or dumb like Penny until now you didn't know but thanks to this amazing quiz you can know

Created by: alys

  1. who plays sheldon
  2. Who is the oldest
  3. how old is penny
  4. how many episodes are there
  5. when was the first episode
  6. what is leonards IQ
  7. How long is the avarage running time (with ads)
  8. what religion is Howard
  9. Where do Sheldon,Leonard,Howard,Raj,Amy and Bernedette work
  10. how tall is bernedette
  11. how tall is Howard
  12. what is Sheldon's middle name
  13. how many seasons are there

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