The Theory Of Penny

This quiz is not for people who know nothing about The Big Bang Theory. Are you someone who can take part in this challenging and grueling quiz? Try and find out.

Do you have the brain of a person who knows all about The Big Bang Theory? Take this quiz and find out whether you have what it takes to get 100%. Good luck, you'll need it.

Created by: minnie2323
  1. What is the number of Penny's apartment?
  2. Who lives in the apartment opposite Penny.
  3. Where does Penny work?
  4. In the start of series one, what was Penny's ex boyfriend's name?
  5. Is Penny a natural blond?
  6. Who out of these four men does Penny date?
  7. What does Penny dress up as at the Halloween party in season one?
  8. In the first episode of season two, what secret does Penny entrust in Sheldon?
  9. Penny borrowed money from whom?
  10. In the first season, she mentioned she had a collection of what?

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