What kind of Penny Pinchin' Elf are you?

Ready to find out what kind of Penny Pinchin' elf you are? Are you a frumpy elf, or a very giving penny pinchin' elf? Take this quiz and then share your result with others! Have fun!

Find out what kind of Penny Pinchin' Elf you are!! Take this fun quiz! Maybe your a grumpy elf? Or a happy go lucky elf? Take the quiz to find out!! Happy Penny Pinching!

Created by: wiram of CafeMom Penny Pinchers Club
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  1. When you pull up to the store and hear the bells from the ringers, you automatically think..
  2. You enter the store and have your child/children with you.. they are asking for something, but if you get it for them, you will be broke.. You say to them..
  3. You walk by a product that you've wanted for months, and it's finally on sale. Woohoo! You..
  4. While grocery shopping, you have a habit of..choose only one.. choose wisely..
  5. When you are choosing a gift for someone, you..
  6. When walking through a store, someone offers you a sample of a product.. you..
  7. While wrapping gifts, you..
  8. Your favorite holiday movie is..
  9. During the holidays..
  10. You are glad this quiz is over, and can't wait to get back to the Penny Pinchers Club?

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Quiz topic: What kind of Penny Pinchin' Elf am I?