What FNAF 1 Character are you?

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This is a test to see what FnaF 1 character you are. The results depend on which answers you pick. There are 10 questions. This is for FNAF Fans! -Love,The Creator

THIS QUIZ IS ACCURATE! IF YOU DONT GET WHO YOU WANT YOU CAN LEAVE! Go subscribe to my channel @ "Shayla's Side". Thank you so much for taking this quiz if you do!

Created by: The Creator SG

  1. Me: Hello!
  2. Me: Okay Freddy you can ask a question!Freddy: Uh okay, Do you like to sing?
  3. Me: Bonnie your turn!Bonnie: Okay um... Do you play an instrument?
  4. Me: Chi Chi! (chica)Chica: Do you like pizza?
  5. Me:Foxy!Foxy: ARE YA READY KIDS?!
  6. Me: Golden Freddy!G.Freddy: How do you kill?
  7. Me: Cupcake! Cupcake: Do you l-listen to music?
  9. Meh: JK!
  10. Meh: Who do you want to get?(This question doesn't affect your score)

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Quiz topic: What FNAF 1 Character am I?