How long would you survive on a hunting trip

The hunters on supernatural often go on a hunting trips to kill the creatures who are danger to other people. The trips aren't safe at all. Have you ever wondered how long woul you survive?

Are you a good hunter? How long would you survive in a world of supernatural? Solve this quiz to find out the answers Solve this quiz to find out the answers

Created by: Tonks5
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  1. Choose a weapon
  2. Who is the biggest treath
  3. Would you sacrifice yourself to save other hunter's life
  4. You are hunting with Sam and Dean in the woods. You all set jobs for every person, what is you job?
  5. Choose one thing
  6. Science or poetry?
  7. Your superpower would be
  8. Choose one
  9. You have difficulties with hunting one creature.Another hunter offers you help with hunting but you don't trust him so much, what do you do?
  10. Sam and Dean die on a trip, what do you do?

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