Could you survive Loony Tunes?

Many people have seen loony tunes. Very few people don't know their famous lines like "Whats up doc" and "I'm hunting wabbits". While watching you may realize the extreme danger that exists in the loony tunes world. Some of you may have even thought stuff like "What if I was there","What if I was a wabbit", or even "I'm a bit of a pig, could I be porky?" inevitably you'd at some point thought about the danger which could only exist in a cartoon. From Elmer Fudd to being near a skunk.

But could you survive them? Could you survive in this chaotic cartoon conception? Why not find out? How? Well take this quiz of course. It is a truly lovely quiz that I put hours into. Please share it with others it makes me feel a lot better and it's a great quiz to share.

Created by: The Geek

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  1. How good are you at running?
  2. How good are your reflexes?
  3. Do you carry paint everywhere?
  4. Can you survive alot of damage?
  5. Can you draw cartoon realistic drawings quickly?
  6. How are you with dangerous animals?
  7. Do you have good lines like whats up doc?
  8. Are you good at convincing and tricking people?
  9. Do you have carrot allergys?
  10. Can you swim?

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