Dragon Age: Inquisition - Knowledge Quiz

Welcome to the Dragon Age: Inquisition - Knowledge Quiz! This is a bit of a hard quiz. There is one question that is loosely based on Inquisition, but is more of a reference to it. So don't feel bad if you don't get 100%.

If you've been paying attention to the dialogue, lore and characters, you should find the game fairly easy. Of course, completing as much of the game as possible will definitely help.

Created by: Rick
  1. Let's start with an easy one. What do the Grey Wardens battle?
  2. What class is Morrigan?
  3. What is Cole?
  4. Who is Varick?
  5. How many high dragons are there in Dragon Age: Inquisition?
  6. How many possible companions are romance options for the Inquisitor?
  7. What is the name of the ancient elf the Inquisitor will encounter in a temple?
  8. Who frequently mispronounces the name of the antagonist?
  9. What is Krem's full name?
  10. Which of these is not a nickname Sera gives the Inquisitor if in romance?
  11. Which two romance options are restricted to race?
  12. If you side with the templars, who is the antagonist's main henchperson?
  13. Which of these former companions does not appear in Inquisition at all?
  14. Which of these is the name of the fake book written by "Varric Tethras"?
  15. What is Vivienne's official job title?

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