The 39 Clues Test

This is a test on how well you know the 39 clues!!! I hope you read the books before you do this mainly because you won't understand this or it is a spoiler alert! do this if you are done book 4 or 5! I hope you enjoy it because i put alot of work into this!!!!

Are you a genius of the 39 clues find out!!! If you are congrats if your not try again or read the books again! I hope you get at least 3rd place so i no you read the books! There are 30 questions and 6 places you can get hopefully you get 1st, 2nd or 3rd!!!

Created by: RJ

  1. What is The name of Amy and Dan's parents?
  2. What Branch is Jonah Wizard from???
  3. What's the 3rd clue?
  4. How many stronghold's do they go in by book 5???
  5. Who tries to kill them the most often???
  6. Alistairs dad's name is???
  7. Where did Jonah hide his diary pages in book 2?
  8. who through them off a boat in book 2
  9. Whats the church name in book 5
  10. How many sakets are there in book 4
  11. What are the colors of the eyes of the sakets
  12. Who got hurt and is not in the race any more?
  13. What branch is the Starlings from
  14. Amy and Dan's au pair is?
  15. What is the strongest branch?
  16. Who attacked them on the train tracks and in the city in book 3?
  17. What people attack amy and dan in book 2
  18. What did they try to sneak in the duffel bag in book 3?
  19. What lead amy and dan out of the secret library in book 1
  20. What is the holt's dog's name
  21. What is williams dog's name
  22. what is alistar's dog's name
  23. what color is the holt's track suits
  24. what holt family member made them drive the van into the river (book 1)???
  25. What is the code for Alistar's library
  26. what is the key to get into the cario hotel (book 4)?
  27. Saladin's favourite food is???
  28. What is injected in Irina's fingernails??
  29. what is another word for tungsten
  30. Sorry the test was so long final Question how many total clues are there?

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