The Ultimate Game of 7 Minutes in Heaven!

I hope you enjoy my Ultimate version of seven minutes in heaven! This one is uper steamy for results, so be prepared! XD I hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to rate and comment at the end!

My birthday party is tonight, and I'm inviting you! We've been dancing for a couple hourse, and things are getting steamy. Spin The Bottle with out with a bang, so now its time for 7 Minutes in Heaven and its your turn.....

Created by: Sisi
  1. Have you played this game before?
  2. Choose a number.....
  3. Do you like to make this first move.
  4. What kind of jocks do you like?
  5. Do you consider yourself a good kisser?
  6. If your friends were at the party when you had to go into the closet, would they be nice or mean about it?
  7. Guiness level in a guy that you look for......
  8. Where do you prefer the muscles?
  9. Geeks......
  10. 7 minutes......

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