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  • My Food Diary
    "I know you're probably like, "WTF Sisi, I'm not fat, and love yourself the way you are! If you want to track calories, go on weight watch..."
  • "@Appa OMG xD @Icy Just wear a tampon. :p I go to the lake all the time on my period, just get the 'heavy duty' kind :/"
  • talk to f---ing me
    "Poo, I gotta go. ): I hope the MN buddies will talk more! Later Carla (:"
  • talk to f---ing me
    "D: Jank. But tennis seems less...agressive than lacrosse. And I'm not really sure. :/ All I know of is the AP courses, and besides t"
  • talk to f---ing me
    "@Sel Late post, and I don't think thats true...xD I got to face-paint a bunch of sweaty little kids at a Fourth of July fair."
  • talk to f---ing me
    "@Sel I think that had both it's pro's and con's. You don't have to deal with boy drama, but you also don't get another...species... to talk ..."
  • talk to f---ing me
    "Us Minnesotans are pretty awesome... and yes I do. :3"
  • talk to f---ing me
    "@Sel Yes, I do :/ MINNESOTA BUDDY! Eh, it's hard when I can't get my s--- together. @Sick I haven't even got a"
  • "o.o I don't think that's a good sign. When there are things from real life in your dreams, it's normally an omen to what the fantasy is tell..."
  • talk to f---ing me
    "i feeling depressed again because this year i'm starting f---ING high school, all of my friends seem to have their lives in order, i can't e..."
  • ~romance soap~
    "That's fine. I'm just here for a little soaping (:"
  • ~romance soap~
    "I promise, promise, promise I won't leave until at least the first four pages, if at all! Please ^.^"
  • >_>
    "That looks soooo pretty. Ive just grown my hair out so I wouldnt wanna cut it short :P"
    "Not it >:D"
    "Name: Elona Other: Is a great archer, but is small and under-estimated. Belongs to a small gang. Personality: Shy, sneaky, but"

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