Would Your Dog Do Good In Dog Agility?

What makes a great agility dog? The awnser is different for everyone! For me, any dog in the world has what it takes! Well, 80% of them anyway. Is your dog one of them?

I made this quiz for the curious people and the bored. Quite obviously you need to have a dog to take this quiz. :P Dog agility is an absolutley free activity you can set up in your own yard.

Created by: Sunday1
  1. To begin, how old is your dog?
  2. Has your dog been trained some basic training? (To sit, lie down, ect.)
  3. On a scale of one to six how active is your dog?
  4. This question may not seem like it, but is very important. Would you say your dog listens to you very well and/or loves you very much?
  5. When your dog is at the dog park what does he end up doing?
  6. What do you think your dog like the most out of these activites.
  7. I forgot to ask, but how large is your dog?
  8. What dog group is your dog in? :) (If your not sure just choose the first answer.)
  9. How long does it usually take to teach your dog a new trick?
  10. Is your dog good with other dogs or new people?
  11. Is your dog easily distracted? (By squirrels, other dogs or cats?)
  12. LAST QUESTION~ :D How likely would you be to set up your own agility course in your back yard if you had time and the resources?

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Quiz topic: Would my Dog Do Good In Dog Agility?