Do you know your agility?

do you know you agility facts,words,call,and other nerdy agility lover things. if you are alway out with your dog doing agility stuff like jumps,tunnels,dog walk, and other things then you should pass just fine. so take my test! :)

HAY YOU YA YOU are you an agility freak. if you are then take my test. you know you want to so come on come on COME ON!!!!!!!!! it will only take a few minutes! :)

Created by: madz

  1. which is NOT a name for a jump
  2. witch dog was breed for agility
  3. how did the word agility get formed
  4. witch one is nicknamed crash
  5. what did people use instead of dog treats 70-100 years ago
  6. are dog thought to love agility
  7. what is NOT a big worry in agiliy
  8. number one way to train
  9. how old should your be to start traing
  10. what dose AKC stand for
  11. what dose T.D.A.A. stand for

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Quiz topic: Do I know my agility?