What Hero Attribute Do You Usually Use In A Game?

This quiz is for DotA players. To determine if they use what kind of hero, whether it be strength, agility, or intelligence heroes. May this be a quiz that will help you in your journey as a DotA warrior.

Well, good luck in having this quiz and may this be something that will improve your outlook in the different heroes in DotA. Go and take the quiz, help yourself.

Created by: SouL
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  1. Are you a nerd?
  2. Do you buy couriers/crows?
  3. Do you do last hits? (Denying included)
  4. Do you plan on having a kill early and avoid farming until you kill a low HP hero?
  5. Do you buy Flasks?
  6. Do you use Clarities?
  7. Do you use heroes who depend on spamming skills?
  8. What kind of heroes do you mostly use?
  9. What heroes do you usually use?

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Quiz topic: What Hero Attribute do I Usually Use In A Game?