Are you a hero or villain?

Heroes often appear right in front of your face and then disappear. But the true heroes stay at constant pace with society. So if you filled out this form are a hero. Do not fade away.

If you are a villain try not to be but if your water broke show it but don't let the sun or week go down on you wrath. Do not KILL anybody! Do it in a video game or something.

Created by: Jovani

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  1. Do you want to SAVE a swimmer who can't swim or let him drown for a while just to see him suffer a little bit?
  2. Do you have a dark past behind you?
  3. How do you like to solve problems
  4. Which hero do you like?
  5. Do you hold the door for people you run into?
  6. Have you ever stolen before?
  7. Does a cashier or a waiter rile you up when ever they call upon someone's name?
  8. Does a tatter taler rile you up?
  9. Does the guy who cut you off during traffic rile you up?
  10. Do you hate it when a hero wins all the time?
  11. Have you ever been in an accident?
  12. Do you like back masking? U know music played backwards?
  13. Do you think positive in a situation?
  14. Do you like Neo from The Matrix trilogy??
  15. Do you appreciate your brother and sisters and nephews and nieces and aunts and uncles?
  16. Which of the following characters get to you the most?
  17. Do people get to you the most?
  18. Would you like to steal your favorite toy?

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Quiz topic: Am I a hero or villain?