Which Type of Meat Are YOU?!

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Okay, so this is a random quiz i felt like making. If you are a vegetarian, I don't care, but it's kind of stupid if you are taking this quiz, but whatever!

So if you are bored, lonely, tired, or some other emotion, take this quiz! You'll like wil be 0% better, but you will know what type of meat you are!!!

Created by: Sisi
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. To start off this quiz, what is your favorite type of meat?
  2. What's is your favorite farm animal?
  3. Favorite sea animal:
  4. Is anyone in your family a butcher?
  5. Is anyone in your family a fisherman?
  6. Fresh, or PrOcEssED?!
  7. Are you a vegetarian?!
  8. Definition of pescatarian: (I did not spell that right :P)
  9. Which TyPe of MeAt do YoU think YoU are?
  10. I know you are SUPER excited to get your result, but will you rate and comment? (had no effect, dun worry!)

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Quiz topic: Which Type of Meat am I?!