Do you think your a dog?

There are tons of dogs on the planet,and lots of people keeep them as pets, but do you think your more like a dog than a human? Do you fit in with dogs better than humans? have fleas?eat raw meat??

Are you a dog? want to find out?Take this funny quick quiz to find out if your a dog...Do you belong in the doghouse??? The anwser is just one click away!!

Created by: gab

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  1. Do you have a urge to eat raw meat?
  2. Have you ever eaten dog kibble?
  3. Do you howl?
  4. Do you sniff everything?
  5. D0 you attack others over food?
  6. Do you ever use your leg to scratch an itch?
  7. Have you ever had fleas?
  8. Do you play with dog toys or chew rawhides?
  9. Do you bark to communicate with others?
  10. do you pant when it's hot outside?

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Quiz topic: Do I think my a dog?