The History of Dogs (Dog Expert Quiz #1)

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Dogs are the quintessential pet. They love unconditionally, never judge us for our mistakes and are commonly thought of as family members. Scientifically however, dogs are merely a descendant of the wolf.

The fact that our canine companions have a huge, in-depth history behind them, however, can be interesting and thought-provoking. It can also help us to better understand our pets. If you have found a new interest in the history and development of dogs as we know them today, read up on them and test your knowledge with this quiz.

Created by: Dog Expert

  1. What is the dog's most commonly used scientific name?
  2. Canids and felids both descend from a prehistoric mammal called Miacis. When Canids separated from the Felids, which new species evolved?
  3. The Cynodictis then further separated into the Cynodesmus and the Tomarctus. Which of those do modern dogs come from?
  4. What is the general time frame of when dogs were domesticated?
  5. What is the most common theory on how dogs were domesticated?
  6. True or False: Some wild dogs never became domesticated and are dubbed as Pariah Dogs.
  7. When does the first evidence of dogs and humans living together date back to?
  8. Dogs have historically been used for different things in different cultures. How were they used in Egypt?
  9. In India, "Fo Dogs" or small dogs bred to emulate lions were developed. Which of the following breeds was not further developed from the Fo Dog?
  10. How were dogs of the terrier group first developed?
  11. At what point in time did dogs become accepted as family members and were popularly kept as pets?

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