Should you be a vegetarian?

There are plenty of people who actually are vegetarians.. and plenty of people are also meat eaters. What is a vegetarian? A vegetarian does not eat meat. What is a Half and Half? They believe eating meat is wrong but are probably too young to choose for themselves to chsne. What is a meat eater? Meat eaters eat meat and normally enjoy it.

Should you be a Vegetarian? Or would being a meat eater suit you beter? Or is eating half and half the right option for you? Whichever.. Take the quiz and then in a few minutes you'll be off to the supermarket to buy you're new diet.

Created by: abc123cde
  1. Do you eat white meat? (chicken/fish)
  2. Do you believe being a vegetarian is a good thing?
  3. Do you eat beef?
  4. Do you eat pork etc.?
  5. How wrong is eating meat?
  6. Is fish acceptable to eat?
  7. Do you come from a family, who believe eating meat is fine?
  8. If I told you Japanese eat dogs how would you feel?
  9. What would you prefer to be?
  10. Would you ever change from what you currently are?

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Quiz topic: Should I be a vegetarian?