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  • Maybe you are too young to be allowed to choose to be a vegetarian? or maybe you just don't want to be fully. Whichever, and why.. I believe being half is acceptable so long as the meat you do eat is white meat such as chicken.

    Actuall y, yeah. My family won't let me be so I end up eating meat reluctantly. I don't even LIKE the taste. it's gross and the guilt trip I'm sent on makes me SICK. And it's 2 reverse guilt trips. On the one hand my parents/siblings took th etime to cook so I feel bad if I don't eat it but on the other hand I don't want to eat a dead animal. I'm still stuck, though. I'm planning on becoming a vegetarian once I move out{that way, I don't have to feel guilty.)

  • Great quiz. Vegetarian all the way!

  • I'm half and half

  • im half and half

  • vegan all the way! :D


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