Do YOU Know KrEaYsHaWn?!?!

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Ok, so many people do not know about Kreayshawn. But the main facts: She's a white, female rapper, and I LUV HER!!! I'm not trying to be creepy xD but I think she's really good!

So if you don't know her, I would reccomend watching her Gucci Gucci music video on You-Tube! If you do take this quiz!!! In this quiz, it's mostly main facts about KREAYSHAWN!! ;D

Created by: Sisi
  1. Which of these is not a song by Kreayshawn?
  2. What is her real name???
  3. For these next three questions, read the lyrics and pick which of her most-famous songs it belongs to. Gnarly, radical, on the block I'm majical See me at your college campus, baggie full of Adderalls
  4. If you looking for me, I'll let you know where I'll be A swagged up chick in the VIP.....
  5. Honestly, I'm probably a bonafide problem child I was born with hella steez, you had to go buy your style....
  6. What genre does Kreayshawn do?
  7. What's her sister's "name"? (Stage name)
  8. What's her sister's "name"? (Stage name)
  9. How old is Kreayshawn?
  10. Originality:
  11. Kreayshawn's sexual orientation:
  12. Which of these is not one of Kreayshawn's friends?
  13. Which of these is not one of Kreayshawn's friends?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know KrEaYsHaWn?!?!