Are You Living Drama, Or Life?!?

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Many people live life, but many also live life in drama. Which are you? Dramatic or down to Earth? Friendly or snotty? You may think you know, but based on your thoughts, you can find out!

Are YOU a drama queen? Don't know? Well stop reading this and take the quiz already! Please rate and comment! I want to know how accurate you think my quiz was. Thank you! :)

Created by: Sisi
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Out of your day, which of the following would you do the most of?
  2. Why do you do things?
  3. Choose one:
  4. Do you tell your friends everything? Like secret, gossip, etc.?
  5. You cry ______ times a week.
  6. How often do you flirt with the opposite gender?
  7. How many shorts/skirts do you have that are six inches or shorter?
  8. Have you done any community work before?
  9. Which emotion do you feel the most of:
  10. Have you even threatened to commit suicide?
  11. Why?

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Quiz topic: Am I Living Drama, Or Life?!?