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  • Haha. I'm the shuffle. Hmmm.... does the cupid shuffle count? cuz that's one of the many dances i have memorized.

    Yeah... .... 4 years of hiphop, 4 years of gymnastics, 4 years of ballet, 4 years of tap, 2 years of tumbling, and i know; the watermelon crawl,cotton eyed joe, electric slide, cupid shuffle, & part of soldier boy...... OOOOO!!!!!! i should go pop in last years dance recital, & dance with it!

    i love wolves
  • I'm the jerk haha. it looked like it was tied with fist pump. i don't really know what 'the jerk' is but ok... too bad drive the bus wasn't one of the choices. I wish I could show you my dance moves! drive the bus, drive the bus, honk the horn! haha or deal the cards, or lunch lady, or climb the stairs, or a bunch of other funny dance moves. a lot of them I made up. ooh how bout the penguin dance? oh haha now I really wanna dance! ok bye. [c:

  • Your Result: Fist Pump

    It shows you like to party, but are hard-core and like to stay conservative. You make boring times fun and your friends like to be around you. Awesomeness! 8D


    Rachel x
  • awesome quiz sisi! 10/10!


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