How Poetic Are You?

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There are many people who like poetry, and like to write it, but sometimes that don't know all that much. Are you one of those people? Don't know? Take this quiz!

Go on, take it! Test yourself and see if you know your writing, and know the other writers! From Shakespere, to Edgar Allen Poe, you're a writer! You should know them!

Created by: Sisi
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  1. Don't lie to me! How many poems/stories/plays have you written?
  2. For the next three questions, choose the word that you think rhymes best. Rain:
  3. Frustration:
  4. Smile:
  5. What's wrong with this sentence: a anteater bite my pants. (pick one thing)
  6. Finish this sentence... There is nothing either good or bad,
  7. Liars when they speak...
  8. Which of the following is not a form of writing?
  9. Who is not a famous writer?
  10. What are types of writing you do the most of?

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Quiz topic: How Poetic am I?