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Thread Topic: My Food Diary

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    Sisi Advanced
    I know you're probably like, "WTF Sisi, I'm not fat, and love yourself the way you are! If you want to track calories, go on weight watchers.."
    So first of all, I've noticed that I am chubier than I should be. Like honestly, I have chub And I go on here daily, plus other people can use it as well. Plus, GTQ is a good distraction to think about eating 0.0

    Today's Intake:
    Cereal- 230 calories
    One sucker- 15 calories
    Brocoli/carrots/Ranch- 190 calories
    Pop- 130 calories
    Half hour run- Burned around 50 calories
  • GermanUnicorn Newbie
    Don't starve yourself. Instead of losing weight by not eating, replace it with muscle! Running REALLY works. Try cutting down on the candy and drink TONS of water. If water is too plain, put cucumbers or lemons in it. Delicious! But so far, at least you're eating veggies. That's progress. :3
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    harpusrox7 Advanced
    i heard that if you want to loose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in. so eating less sweets and exercising more would help

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