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  • Just Your Typical Strife
    " This picture speaks to me. "
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
    "Music selection is poor."
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
    "The Statue of Liberty??? That's not a song!"
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
    "My mind is so scattered all over the place. I miss being able to talk to people. I'll miss it even more, soon enough. But, at least we're ge..."
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
    "But I have to hold it together. It's just scary to hear how my parents talk regarding the situation and how threatening they are about it. M..."
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
    "I am...not as strong as I pretned to be, and I hope you realize this. I'm only human. I have a weakness just like you. I'm not perfect and I..."
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
    "This place is relatively dead."
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
  • Raiden and Snake
    "I know, right? Like, I married a dead guy???"
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
    "Make a thread... .............................. done."
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
    "..............No, please don't. I'm not telling you to yell "Dead Cell!" even though I kinda just did. It's a song, guys, and this stupid th..."
  • Yell "Dead Cell!"
  • Foxhole
    "I do feel better and safer, thank you. Some nights, I still feel like I should expect it to happena gain, however, and I'm not entirely sure..."
  • Foxhole
    "I was really scared, Saturday night. I thought I was going to die. I thought there was a carbon monoxide leak in the house because the smoke..."
  • The Twilight Realm
    " This is a "

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