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  • Byleth's Room
    "Ah! I remembered the password. This account, but, yeah, I'm not memberable... So, how's life?"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "I'll lub you forever. Okay. It's alright. I don't even know my own...😖 I could use a nap. I just feel"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Yay! That's good, 'cause I has a lifetime warranty on you. 😶 Aww. I'd love to know. Sappy is okay. Don't feel bad."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Then, forever, peas. 🖤 Nah. Because I was addicted to that sound and memes have popularized using that noise when someone just "
  • Welcome to Antilia.
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Also, I just want to say that I wasn't made. Just a bit sore. I was feeling in such a lovey-dovey mood and then you just totally crashed. Fe..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "I love you, and I have no doubt you are my forever. 🖤 You know, I honestly can't help but to think of that sound every time yo"
  • Casa Del Fuego
    "If you are still able to recognize that there is a problem, you're not at all insane. You are very intellectual and just stressed beyond bei..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Idk if your mom told you, but she said she'd like to have me over for dinner, one of the nights. I'm not sure if we'd do that the first or s..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "That sounds like absolute heaven...especially cuddles... As long as you eat... Yeah, about 2 hours ago. I finally finished unpa"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "I'm so ready to have a weekend away from them and just the two of us... Glad to hear. And I appreciate you more than I could sa"
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Not sure if "decent" is the word I'd use. More like "furious". I'm so f---ing sick of them. But that's not something I'll discuss here...."
    "It was going to be an OC account. I didn't say anything against the rules, and obviously that s--- was no real information or accusations ag..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "It Starts..."
  • Welcome to Antilia.
    "Also wish I knew how to summon Brandan..."

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