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Sneaking is the first tactic, but who says you can't fight? This is a quiz to test your random knowledge on the popular game series from Konami, Metal Gear. Oh, and by the way, Solid Snake will be giving you this quiz.

I love Metal Gear, and I have some scattered knowledge on the series. I don't know everything, but I do know enough to make this quiz. I hope you enjoy it.

Created by: Raiden Ripper

  1. Alright, here's the first question. How many (Metal Gear) games were there before the series Metal Gear Solid began?
  2. What game was noted to be the "black sheep" of the series?
  3. On Metal Gear Solid 1, I mention taking a break from everything. What did this imply?
  4. True or false, Meryl was my first and only unfortunate encounter.
  5. When I met Raiden, what mission did he obsess over me doing?
  6. True or false, "Sorrido Suneku" means "Solid Snake" in Japanese?
  7. True or false, Metal Gear 2 has a correspondence to Metal Gear SOLID 2?
  8. Quiet was introduced on what Metal Gear Solid game?
  9. True or false, Quiet drinks through her skin?
  10. True or False, I do not start with my favored bandana on Metal Gear 3.
  11. Who was deemed the craziest between the two, Liquid or Solidus?
  12. Who is Eva to me?
  13. True or false, the Boss liked my tuxedo?
  14. Does eating Russian Glow caps recharge your batteries in your flashlight on MGS 3?
  15. Finally, and this is not a question, I am NOT dummie thicc.

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