how much are you like baby princess?

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i'm baby princess and i'm new. i made a new quiz about me. this is about me. baby princess doesn't like this. baby princess is my name, its not repeated text.

find out about me. find out how about baby princess. i don't like how you make quizzes and it needs to change. what are we even supposed to type here.

Created by: baby princess

  1. my favorite color is pink!
  2. i like pink milk!
  3. i have a pink baby blanket with a bunny on!
  4. i like shopping!
  5. i like clouds!
  6. i like ordering people about!
  7. i like to wear pink socks!
  8. i'm pretty!
  9. i'm cute!
  10. i'm baby princess!

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Quiz topic: How much am I like baby princess?