are you a true princess

Ok I hope you like my quiz I worked really hard on it and hope you enjoy it please comment whenever you can and please have a good attitude even if your not a princess

Did you ever wonder if your a princess or even got princess blood flowing in your heart?well check out my princess is VERY easy a toddler could make an A so you can't be dissapointed

Created by: katqueen45

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What color is your hair?
  2. Do you prefer diamond,gold,ruby,emerald,or silver crown?
  3. If someone called you "princess" what is your reaction?
  4. Which Disney princess are you most connected to?
  5. If you put on a crown and look in the mirror what is your reaction?
  6. True or false a princess does what she is told
  7. True or false a princess should marry whoever the queen(her mom)wants her to marry
  8. Lets pretend your at a princess ball and then someone ACCIDENTALLY ripped your dress you:
  9. Your favorite color is:
  10. Ok last one (finally)Do you believe in magic,witches,fairies,angels,etc

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Quiz topic: Am I a true princess