What princess am I

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What princess are you this is a quiz to see what princess you are you could be any lets go see who you are chose carfuly or it might come out wrong and you don't want that.

Who is your princess twin if you want to know come join in you could be your favourite or worst princess some questions might not have the answer you were looking for but who noes

Created by: Maya

  1. Do you have long hair or short
  2. do you like the land or sea
  3. What do you wear
  4. Do you like it inside or out side
  5. Do you like adventures
  6. Do you like Elsa, Anna or Moana
  7. What is your favourite colour
  8. Do you like Disney Princess Movies
  9. Pick a emoji
  10. Choose a letter
  11. Last question are you excited for your result

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