Which Disney Princess are you most like?

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What Disney princess are you most like? Which one is your BFF for life? Find out with this quiz! The princess you get as a result has a description of that princess.

That description also describes you! What princess do you think you are? Make sure to share this quiz with your friends, and then the all of you can see how much you have in common.

Created by: charla
  1. What do you do on a snow day when you don't have to go to school?
  2. What color gown would you prefer to have for the rest of your life?
  3. How do you describe yourself?
  4. What animal do you want to be your sidekick?
  5. Before you sing your song about your quest, what form of water do you stare at?
  6. Do you have a dad?
  7. What is your kingdom like?
  8. If someone you don't know is in trouble, what do you do?
  9. Are you a girl or a boy?
  10. Lastly, how would your friends describe you?

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