Do You Know My Dark Side?

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What? This quiz? Oh, it's see how much you know about my...darker side. Wouldn't you care to take it and see for yourself? Then come find out...

In this quiz, you will tell me what you know about my darker side, and if you didn't know before, then you shall learn of it after taking it. You cannot unsee a thing you may find.

Created by: Raiden Ripper

  1. What is my favorite dark color?
  2. Who is my favorite out of these characters?
  3. What was my favorite picture out of all the dark characters I've done?
  4. What do I like most about MGS Jack the Ripper?
  5. If I were a fictional criminal, what would I be convicted of?
  6. What is my second weapon of choice (since we all know I love swords)?
  7. What makes jokes funny?
  8. Why don't I like to call people friends?
  9. What would I do if I could do anything in the world?
  10. Finally, I am Raiden/Ripper because_____

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Quiz topic: Do I Know My Dark Side?

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