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  • Execute the Homos
    "I love practically every anime I dare to search extra information for"
  • Execute the Homos
    "I have a Code Geass account"
  • Drekk's thread.
    "*hits it away* I'm going to call the troops ( because I'm a prince )"
  • Mod Introductions + Q&A
    "If there was a fire and you can only save one of your belongings, what would it be?"
  • "I was never right for the hero type of role I admit it With my heart shivering in fear I can see today's reflected in each"
  • Drekk's thread.
    "*takes of eyepatch draws sword*"
  • Post your gtq crush
    "No one"
  • Draconite Thread
    "Finally I unlocked this."
  • Thread For The Dead
    "I can’t open it."
  • A RP
    ""A crow?"he said," it is holding out a ring to you. Pick it up." Around the inside of his ring he saw the words" the demon eye of deat"
  • Ripper's Edge
    "That's sad. My littlest sister is crying her eyes out because she doesn't know the difference between water supplies in Kenya and the Uk. Th..."
  • Roblox
    "? But I'm an atheist. If I had a god he would be Sebastian Michaelis."
  • Ripper's Edge
    "I hope you have access to video games again. That is why yesterday I couldn't get on. I cared about nothing then but the pain"
  • trump
    "I am the best prince! But I do not support Trump he is evil forcing kids back to school when it is still dangerous. Support Draco Vi Britann..."
  • Ripper's Edge
    "Ok. I'm not feeling well either. Yesterday I twisted my ankle because mum forced me to play football at the park now my left leg is screamin..."

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