Yes Or No #2: Are you just like me?

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Created by: Jake_NLA_SC_KWS

  1. Do you like chicken nuggets?
  2. Do you like Rock music?
  3. Have you ever thought about suicide?
  4. Do you like talking to people face-to-face?
  5. Are you female?
  6. Do you believe in Hell?
  7. Are you musical?
  8. Do you want a zombie apocalypse to happen?
  9. Does your name have an "E" in it?
  10. Are you athletic?
  11. 🐱Are you good at parkour?🐱
  12. Are you cute? ~❤
  13. Do you like dark humour?
  14. Do you know what BMTH stands for?
  15. Are you paranoid?

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Quiz topic: Yes Or No #2: am I just like me?