How Much More Do You Know About Me?

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I know I've already made a quiz like this, but this is even more about me. So, you just do your best to guess or remember facts about me and I'll be amused (not much) to see your answer. And no, I'm never enthusiastic about it.

Just so you know, whatever result you have, it doesn't impress or disappoint me much at all. Hopefully you had fun, though. I'm just making this while the site's going slow.

Created by: Raiden Ripper

  1. Which am I?
  2. I was introduced to being a furry how?
  3. My favorite song by Owl City is
  4. What actor do I obsess over most?
  5. Who is my favorite Glitter Force girl?
  6. How many real boys have I crushed on?
  7. What kind of girl do I see myself as?
  8. I want to live where?
  9. My favorite username is what?
  10. My spirit animal is

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Quiz topic: How Much More do I Know About Me?

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