Owl City Fireflies Lyrics: How Well Do You Know Them?

There are many great songs in the world, but Fireflies is a truly exceptional one. It combines some minor techno with vocals, and sings about how the entire world might not be real.

Do you know the lyrics? Take this fun quiz and find out if your a FireflyFan!!! Thank you again cause I'm still new at these!!! Owl City Rocks!!!!! FireFlies!!!

Created by: MintMoo

  1. You Would Not Believe Your _____
  2. If _____ FireFlies
  3. Lit Up The _____ As I Fell Asleap
  4. Cause They'd Fill The_____ Air
  5. And Leave_______ Everywhere
  6. You'd think______ Rude
  7. But I Would Just_____ And, Stare
  8. I Like To Make Myself_______
  9. That Planet Earth Turns,______
  10. It's Hard To Say I'd Rather Stay, Awake When I'm______
  11. Cause EveryThing Is_____ As It Seems

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Quiz topic: Owl City Fireflies Lyrics: How Well do I Know Them?