Do you know Adam Young (Owl City)?

Well, Adam Young. He is most commonly known as Owl City. In February of 2010, his song "Fireflies" became a major hit, listing at #24 on iTunes' list of highest-selling songs since 2003. Since then he's been popular among many, including the creator of this quiz.

So, Fireflies may not be your favorite of his songs. I can guarantee it's not mine. But he has so many other songs. If you think you're a super fan because you know every word to Fireflies, this is a chance to learn. But, if you really are a super fan, show your knowledge...

Created by: Selena112

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  1. So. Owl City. Adam Young. Did you know he has more than one project?
  2. So, what are they?
  3. Now, um, what is Adam's middle name?
  4. When was Adam born?
  5. Why did Adam start making music?
  6. Does Adam have Asperger's Syndrome?
  7. So, he's shy and socially introverted?
  8. How long has Adam been making music?
  9. Finish the lyrics. "I regarded the world as such a sad sight..."
  10. What song was that from?
  11. Finish the lyrics. "The silver beams..."
  12. What song was that from?

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Quiz topic: Do I know Adam Young (Owl City)?