Creator Council Election

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This quiz seeks to help you decide who to support for the empty Creator Seat! We had four candidates answer these questions and it's up to you to fill in your answers to see which one you should support.

American Government Simulation, commonly known as AGS, is an Instagram-based simulation of American government. Comprised mainly of young adults, it is a great way for anyone who is interested in politics to get familiar with how things work in the world of government. In AGS, everyone is their own politician. You can run for office, create legislation, vote, and do much more!

Created by: Noah La Vie
  1. Do you support the current Creator Council's stance on Foreign Nations, which is that they would implode and don't jive with the original mission of AGS?
  2. Do you believe the Creator Council possesses the power to prosecute an individual when they commit election related crimes?
  3. Do you support the Mapmaker Amendment?
  4. What sort of scenarios would you like to see from the Creator Council?
  5. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? "The CC has too much power."
  6. How should Elections be secured?
  7. What is the Creator Council's job?
  8. Which type of economy do you support?
  9. Do you want to see your Creator Live Stream?
  10. What do you value in a Creator?

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