Leftist or Rightist? Extreme or not?

There are people who support the ideas of left winged parties, also the people who support the ideas of the right winged parties, you will like the test if you are interested in politics.

Are you one of the people who support the benefits of your country or are you one of the people who support the benefits of all labours all around the world? Choose one.

Created by: Caner

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  1. What would you do if you saw an illegal immigrant?
  2. What would you do if you lived something bad that you don't deserve in the company?
  3. Would you support the minorities' freedoms to establish an autonomy?
  4. Do you think that everyone should be paid equally?
  5. Are you in love with your flag?
  6. Would you welcome the qualified migrants?
  7. Do you support Stalin?
  8. Do you support Hitler?
  9. What to be done when the rebellions are armed?
  10. Do you respect the muslim immigrants who adapt to the country?
  11. Do you think that nationalism is a sensible movement or not?
  12. Do you support Erasmus?
  13. What about secularism?
  14. Feminism?
  15. What about the state?

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