There are a lot of people in the world who like parties. This is about having fun and not having fun at the same time. I cant explain it. So once you take the quiz you will know what I mean.

What are you scared of. People? Parties? People in cars who roll up on you and seem weird. In just a matter of seconds you will find out. Also don't for get to look up part two.

Created by: melinaa
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  1. Yesterday you were invited to a party. Knowing the people in your school,you would never go to their parties. This certain party was your best friend's birthday party,so you decided you would go. At school everybody keeps saying the party will be wild. You know you friend is not the kind of person to throw crazy parties. Do you still want to go?
  2. You ask your friend to come with you to pick out something to wear and she ways yes. She shows you a new department store. When you get there you walk in and see revealing dresses all over the place. She walks over a picks up a tiny red dress and tells you to buy it. You tell her you don't think you can fit it. She tells you that's the point and laughs. Do you still want to go to the party?
  3. By the time you get to the party,it is still early. Then all of a sudden the doorbells rings. You go to answer it and a bunch of boys and girls run through the front door. You see beer and wine in their hands and confronts your friend about it. She tells you to live a little and have fun.
  4. You take your friends advice and by the end of the party you are...drunk! As you are stumbling outside. A car pulls up beside you.and..
  5. Before you have enough time to turn to see who it is a male figure steps out the car,grabs you,throws you in the trunk and drives off.
  6. Do ya wanna know what happens next?
  7. Do you REALLY wanna know?
  8. Well you are going to have to look forward to part 2!
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