What element are you? (Fire,Water,Earth,Wind,Darkness.)

This is my first quiz so go easy on me. Wat element are you? Darkness? Fire? Water? Wind? Earth? You find out! lol......... umm im just filling out the rest of the room lol.

blah blah blah did you know that every two seconds somewhere in the world there is a tupperware party? like there has been tonnes of tupperware parties in the time you read this. IF you read this. 1 2 bloody hell 1 2 bloodyhell i hate tuppaware parties lol.

Created by: SECRET!

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. You have a party. what do you do.
  2. You are...
  3. Your pets?
  4. What do you do on Friday after school/work?
  5. What continent are you from (doesnt effect answers)
  6. This has no effect either.
  7. Where do you feel at home?
  8. Did you like this quiz?
  9. Rate?
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Quiz topic: What element am I? (Fire,Water,Earth,Wind,Darkness.)