Are you from Swansea

Many think they are from Swansea few are lucky enough to be chosen, But to be Born here will make you a Jack for every. See if you can prove you are a Jack and know your city!

If you are from Swansea, challenge your self to see what you know about the great city that we live in. Are you form the Gower or the City give it a go!

Created by: nick king
  1. What famous "Goon" came from Swansea?
  2. What is the name of the Dog killed in the cult film "Twin Towns"
  3. Where do the Swans play?
  4. What famous Hollywood Actress was born in Swansea
  5. What is Wind Street now famous for?
  6. What was "Weavers"
  7. Where is Paradise Park"?
  8. What year did the Swansea Leisure Centre open?
  9. What is the oldest pub building in Swansea
  10. who was the last Person Hanged at HMP Swansea
  11. What is Swansea Jack
  12. What is the "Mumbles Mile"
  13. Where is Swansea Airport?
  14. What School in Swansea did Rowan Williams the former Archbishop of Canterbury attend
  15. On Scots ill fated expedition to the South Pole, which member of the Team was from Swansea
  16. What is the "LC2"
  17. Does Swansea have an "Oxford Street"
  18. Which Football team in Wales was the First to Reach The English Premier League?
  19. What was the Name of the Swans Ball boy kicked By Eden Hazard, in the Capital One semi final at the liberty stadium in 2012?

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