How Cardiffian are you?

Capital City of Wales, Cardiff is home to some of the smartest, wittiest, most eloquent and sophisticated inhabitants on the planet. It's a truly elite club, open t everyone, but with a strict door policy.

Are you a true Cardiffian? To qualify for membership in the Cardiff Club, you must test your knowledge and find out if your name is on the list, 'cos if it ain't, then you ain't comin' in.

Created by: Lush

  1. What is the traditional tipple of a true 'Diffian
  2. Which of these streets may be found in a Cardiff A-Z?
  3. Cardiff's notorious street percussionist, famed for banging a tune out of a wheelie-bin is actually named...?
  4. Which of these Cardiff pubs is actually named after someone who was born in the 'Diff?
  5. Which is officially the tallest building in the 'Diff (including spires)?
  6. A genuine "Clarksie" or Clark's Pie has an imprint on the bottom of its pastry shell. It reads...?
  7. Cardiff City's home kit is now predominantly red in colour. Which of these colours have never formed part of City's home kit?
  8. Which of these animals might you find leaning over the wall alongside Cardiff Castle?
  9. Which of these names did Shakin' Stevens NOT record as the title of a song?
  10. Which of these suburbs is the former site of a ferry crossing over the River Taff?
  11. Which Cardiff Bus service will take you to Cardiff's next door neighbour, Newport?
  12. What is affectionately known as the "Magic Roundabout"?
  13. Which of these is an almost historical form of footwear, fondly spoken of in the 'Diff?
  14. The ultimate expression of approval in the 'Diff is...?
  15. Who or what was Billy?
  16. If you were referred to in some parts of the 'Diff as a "buwer" should you be...

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