What climate is best for you

Do you hate the climate of your current city? This quiz might be able to help you find a place that is more well suited for you. Or, more likely you're just bored.

The United States (sorry Non-Americans) has a very diverse climate, so if you don't like the city you end up with, a different city in that region might be right for you. In general, temperatures increase as you go further south and visa-versa.

Created by: Maxwell Senf
  1. How hot do you want your summers?
  2. How cold do you want your winters to be? Snowfall generally corresponds to temperature.
  3. About how many days per year would you like to see rain? For reference, Seattle receives rain on 150 days while Los Angeles only gets 30.
  4. What's your opinion of sunshine?
  5. What time of year do you want rain to fall?
  6. When it rains, how hard should it rain?
  7. What's your opinion on wind?
  8. If all other conditions were perfect, but there were tornadoes, would you still live there?
  9. What about hurricanes?
  10. Earthquakes?
  11. If it's going to be hot, can you stand humidity?

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