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  • Your Result: Seattle (Northwest) 88%

    Seattle has a mild and wet climate. Summers are warm and dry with highs around 75 and lows around 55. Winters are cool with highs around 45 and lows around 35. Precipitation occurs 150 days per year, evenly distributed with the exception of summer. Seattle is typically overcast, seeing the sun only 50% of the time. Snowfall is not very snowy averaging just 1 foot of snow each year. Seattle is moderately windy. Most of the Northwest has a climate similar to Seattle. At the coast, summers are significantly cooler and precipitation is even greater. Temperatures generally increase as you go south. If Seattle's summers are too cool, you might like Portland or Medford. The only place in the Northwest that receives significant snowfall is the Cascade Range.

    86% Anchorage (Alaska)
    74% New York City (Northeast)
    44% Atlanta (South)
    38% Chicago (Midwest)
    28% Denver (Mountain West)
    0% Miami (South Florida)
    0% Honolulu (Hawaii)
    0% Phoenix (Arizona)
    0% Los Angeles (California)

    The faded smoke
  • I answered that I hate warm weather and the quiz gave me Phoenix as the city for me based on my answers????

  • I got Seattle,Northwest.

  • if you put you hate cold and warm weather then it will generally do phoenix, Arizona

  • This was a VERY good quiz. Great job!


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