The Super Mario Quiz

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Okay. This quiz is for Super Mario. That's pretty much all there is to it. Take the quiz and stop reading this unnecessary section of words, please...

Take this quiz because you want to help me level up, but also because you want to test your knowledge on the famous Super Mario. You do know who that is, right???

Created by: Raiden Ripper

  1. What was the first game with Mario on it?
  2. What was Mario's original name?
  3. How did Luigi originally look?
  4. What is Bowser's name?
  5. What is the Princess usually called in Japan?
  6. Why does Peach have blond hair?
  7. Do you ever see any relatives of Toad?
  8. True or false? Mario is an orphan.
  9. Mario was also what?
  10. The first words Mario spoke were:

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