How Well Do You Know SiSi?!?!?!

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There ish many people here on GTQ, but only a handful truly know me, the Amazing Sisi!!! xD If you wanna test your knowledge on how good you know me, take this quiz!!

Lalala, I hate this second paragraph!! You're probably just taking this quiz because you're bored, and that's okay. So I am, thats why I'm making this quiz xD

Created by: Sisi
  1. What's my favorite thing to say?
  2. How rAnDoM am I??? P.S.On a scale of 1-10 P.P.S.10 Being the best
  3. I have:
  4. My "stereotype": (Be honest. I know which one I am, and so do you!!)
  5. My Religion: (if you are a real friend, you will know!)
  6. My Religion: (if you are a real friend, you will know!)
  7. Which emoticon I use the most:
  8. What's my favorite song? (if you talk to me a lot, you'll see me typing it a lot xD)
  9. My sexual orientation: (-,- No comment. If you're my friend, you will know)
  10. I live....:
  11. I make quizzes because:
  12. Sisi is my:
  13. What's my favorite website?? 0-0
  14. One thing I do to much of:
  15. My favorite season is ^-^:
  16. Thanks! Get ready for your results! Do you really think you know me?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know SiSi?!?!?!