Where Should You Go On Holiday??

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There are so many amazing places in the world we'd like to Visit and thanks to the transport nowadays this is made possible, each country with it's own individual style it's hard to know where to go.

So you wanna know which fabulous country you should go to I have selected a Handful of Country's and in this quiz you will found out which place is best suited for you. Good Luck c:

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. Which subject do you prefer from the following??
  2. How hot do you like it??
  3. Which type of Foods do you prefer??
  4. Which set of words best describes you??
  5. How big is your love for Ice cream???
  6. How big is your love of Chocolate??
  7. Do you like learning about the Holocaust??
  8. What's your opinion on Shopping??
  9. What do you think of Swimming and Water sports??
  10. Last of All where would you like to go??

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Quiz topic: Where should I Go On Holiday??