Are you a Holiday Spirit?

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There are millions of people who take quizes like this everyday and you never know their answers. Maybe deep down your answers are in your heart you just need to find it.

Take this Holiday quiz. Enjoy it, Love it, Laugh with it. You can find out if you are positve for fun or seriously but just make sure you don't take it personaly!

Created by: Moriah

  1. Out of these wich is your fav. thing to do on Christmas?
  2. Out of these, what type of Christmas present do you want?
  3. What are your fav. kind of holiday cookies?
  4. What do you like your stocking filled w/t?
  5. Do you wear Christmas clothes to school, work, Church, etc.
  6. What do you like to put on your Christmas tree.
  7. Do you decorate your house, ya know glade candles, wreaths, christmas music, lights outside.
  8. During Christmas party's what is your favorite thing to do?
  9. Do you always like to go first on opening presents?
  10. Do you like to get out of school on snow days?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Holiday Spirit?