The Super-powers Series: Which ESP Power Do You Have?

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There are many people who THINK they have ESP, some who KNOW they DON'T and some who KNOW they DO. Well, this is just a fun quiz to see what ESP ability you might have.

There are six results: Cross-dimensional awareness, Empathy, Telepathy, Precognition, Mediumship, and Psychometry! Which one will you have?

Created by: Sisi
  1. Have you ever had a dream that related to real-life, then actually happened?
  2. When someone tries to sneak up on you, do you normally "sense" them(as in feeling the presence of another person), or hear them?
  3. When you meet up with a friend, are you able to sense their emotion before they say anything or show any body language?
  4. Have you ever frequently seen a phantom/figure that others don't see?
  5. Do you ever have feelings of events in other places, and then heard of it later on the news?
  6. About what percent of the time do you know what people are going to say before they say it?
  7. When you're around a new place or object, do you suddenly know all about that thing? (ex.:Around a knife, you would know if it was ever used to murder a person.)
  8. With physically doing anything, have you ever been able to control a person's emotion's?
  9. If one of your friends or family members were coming to you with bad news, are you able to know what it is before they tell you?
  10. Being honest, which do you experience most often?

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Quiz topic: The Super-powers Series: Which ESP Power do I Have?